Charts, figures & contents

... to create amazing client reports


Creating refined reports either ad hoc or in the context of mass reporting is what defines our enterprise reporting engine. Reports contain beautiful charts, individual content and hard facts from our analytics engine - all of which are designed in your corporate identity. Our reporting module can create PDF documents as well as XML content that can be further processed by your systems.

High quality layout


The layout of our generated reports fulfills high expectations ranging from professional typography to details like advanced pagebreaks even for long running tables. All PDF reports can be designed in a way to exactly adhere to your corporate design guidelines.

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Report Composition


Report chapters can be flexibly composed to a report by defining the desired chapters at runtime. Additional user defined text blocks can be added into the creation of reports in order to support your relationship managers with individual reports.

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Mass Reporting


Several new requirements regarding customer information will be in place with MiFID II legislation. Our reporting module provides loss warning reporting, quarterly portfolio reports and cost reporting. The highly scalable reporting engine is capable of generating and distributing thousands of PDF documents per minute. With this infrastructure you can handle reporting requirements for several million portfolios within a few hours.

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Data creation and PDF rendering scales easily with new hardware, so that you can grow your hardware infrastructure with your needs.

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