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Rebalance portfolios to match their corresponding model portfolio or investment mandate. Our rebalancing module can either rebalance single portfolios or can perform mass rebalancing for hundreds of thousands of portfolios. It provides several optimisation algorithms for you to choose from. The rebalancing algorithm performs tax and cost estimation for sell orders and can provide portfolio insurance by using the CPPI methodology.

Mandate fulfillment and Suitability

The core of a Digital Wealth Management solution is a correct and powerful way to synchronize  customer portfolios with optimal investment strategies. The rebalancing module generates orders that transform a mismatching customer portfolio into an optimal allocation according to specific optimisation algorithms. We provide optimisation algorithms based on model portfolios and several mathematical algorithms like Markowitz, knapsack optimisation of risk or return

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In addition to rebalancing customer portfolios to model portfolio constraints, we provide optimisation algorithms based on several mathematical algorithms like Markowitz and knapsack optimisation of risk or return. Customer contraints such as excluding certain security types or asset classes are considered within the algorithms

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Tax and Cost estimation


While rebalancing a portfolio we try to generate most accurate values for sell transactions in order to generate the needed liquidity for buying the needed positions according to the investment proposal. Our sophisticated algorithms allow quick rebalancing workflows without the need to wait for the final order execution.

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