Easy to use & highly scalable

1.000.000 portfolios in just a few minutes


MiFID II compliant monitoring of loss thresholds for portfolios and leveraged products. Monitoring other aspects of investment guidelines can easily be used. Our high performance engine analyses millions of portfolios in a few minutes and is highly scalable. Monitoring events are provided for further processing such as push messaging or reporting.

Loss threshold Monitoring


Our services and BPM processes can monitor and trigger an alert, when a customer's portfolio or a certain position in the portfolio falls below a certain performance threshold for a freely defined time range. With this infrastructure it is possible to provide a MiFID II loss threshold reporting for all your customers. Our high performance engine enables you to cover all your customers from thousands to millions of portfolios within a few minutes.

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KPI Monitoring


In addition to monitoring loss or performance, it is also possible to monitor any other KPI that is available in our analytics engine. Available KPIs for monitoring are total value, average capital, total return, performance (time weighted, money weighted, modified dietz), volatility, sharpe ratio, sortino ratio, value at risk and conditional value at risk.

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Monitoring investment guidelines


Your customers' investment guidelines can be monitored regarding matching portfolio risk and the customers' risk profile. Other guidelines like currency exposure, target market or individual preferences for certain securities can be monitored easily.

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