Model portfolio management

... with flexible ways to define your strategy

Asset Management

Manage all aspects of your model portfolios with our asset management module. It provides flexible ways to define your wealth management strategy and links it to your customers. No matter whether you want to define asset class based model allocations or model portfolios based on your selected products, our software perfectly supports your business processes.

Model portfolios


Our asset management module lets you administrate and manage model portfolios. Model portfolios can be defined on asset classes or products. Each element of a model portfolio consists of a target proportion or value and minimum and maximum constraint in order to provide flexible rebalancing processing.

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Core Satellite


Model portfolios can be defined in a core satellite way. That means that you can define a core model portfolio and a satellite model portfolio and compose both to a model portfolio composition. In that way you can manage a centralized core portfolio in your head quarter and let bank branches or agents define their satellite portfolios.

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Multi tenant


All model portfolios are managed in a multi tenant way so that each tenant defines ist own set of model portfolios. Customer assignment will only be possible for customers that belong to the corresponding tenant.

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Each change in your model portfolio will be tracked and is available in our so called time line. This timeline information can be used to transport and audit changes in your asset management to your customer. It is therefore possible give your customer transparent information about the reason for certain rebalancing transactions.

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Portfolio KPI


The asset management module provides analytic web services for analyzing and reporting performance development and comparison to benchmarks.

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