Real time insights

... by means of our high performance analytics engine


Our transaction based high performance analytics engine gives you the real time insights into portfolios without restricting your work by precomputed data. Use our wide range of analytics algorithms and services for day-to-day tasks such as portfolio reporting or high profile tasks such as analyzing risk exposure or performance development of your portfolios.

Portfolio data


Visualizing portfolio data such as positions, valuations and transactions for both single portfolios and aggregated portfolios is one of the basic features of our portfolio analytics module. Data is provided for securities accounts as well as for cash accounts.

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Performance data


Several services for calculating performance data give you a deep insight into important aspects of your customers' portfolios performance (time weighted, money weighted, modified dietz). Our analytics module provides performance figures for portfolios as well as for positions. All performance data is also available as historized time series.

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Tax data


Information about payed taxes for all your customers' transactions can be viewed and reported in aggregated view.

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Portfolio structure


Our analytics module provides several views for analyzing portfolio structure. The data structure are based on so called asset properties such as asset class, region, sector, currency or remaining investment period. The structure information can be provided as one dimensional structure for displaying in pie charts or in a two dimensional matrix representation.

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Contribution Analysis


For each asset property the system can calculate the corresponding performance contribution of the portfolio. This functionality lets you analyze your customer's exposure of certain structural aspects.

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Scenario Analysis


Our scenario analysis module helps to analyze the impact in changes of future interest rates as well as analyzing time series data of a portfolio during certain economic perdiods. You can change the yield curve for several interest durations and analyze their impact on bonds an bond like positions in the portfolio.

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