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Why it matters

Our belief

Our belief is that financial service institutions will need to provide much better investment services to a larger clientele in the future – if they should not do so, they are going to lose market shares and profit gains to those who do. Disruption may not be certain, but a significant change is surely on its way.

Why it matters

Digital Wealth Management

Digital Wealth Management using ETF and other low cost instruments will be the new standard, not only for wealth management clientele, but for everyone. Does it represent the only business innovation? No, it most certainly does not! There are further portfolio-oriented digital solutions that are relevant for private and retail banking.

Why it matters

High performance Portfolio API

Thus, we decided to invent a high performance portfolio management system that is strictly based on APIs to solve the need for portfolio digitalisation. Because to deliver truly innovative services, we believe, there is a need for a system capable of handling 1,000,000 portfolios in 6 minutes.  We deliver speed, flexibility, high volume capability and ease-of-use for developers.

Why it matters

The requirement ...

... for a positive future of financial investment is that a transformation process to automation and digitalisation is generated. And this for customer segments that have not experienced it as yet. We open the retail sector based on our PMS-API-services for the digital asset management. In fact, with the highest speed and the largest volumes. You can extend the API service platform by any number of value-added services because our solution is not a monolith. Of course, the topic of artificial intelligence also plays an important role here.

How it works

Once integrated you can use our APIs as building blocks to realize numerous portfolio services,
such as Digital Wealth Management.

Portfolio Management APIs - backbone of your innovative investment service

We are an established provider of portfolio management solutions for the financial industry. And we took all our knowledge and capabilities and structured them in a unique platform. Our aim is helping you build your next investment innovation faster and easier than ever before. Whether it is a Digital Wealth Management offer, a personal financial management for your portfolio customers/ clientele or any other innovation regarding securities or funds.

With 18 years of experience in financial technology, supporting asset managers and advisors, we provide everything needed for great services and a perfect customer experience.

Customer experience driven by high quality analytics and proven processes

We believe that your customer experience should be unique so as to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Individual joy of use derives from good design and, in case of portfolio data, reliable and accurate information. Provided in an instant, whenever needed.

Our APIs have proven to master both complex portfolio structures and loads of customers and portfolios. They handle portfolios with millions of positions and billions of quote records.

They can be used as simple REST-APIs for easy and flexible integration. Once established you won’t have to consider anymore whether a portfolio analysis is available – just use them and create the customer service and experience desired.

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Digital Wealth Management and other digital services will radically change personal investment. Find out how our high performance portfolio management APIs delivers the functionality, the speed and the flexibility for your next innovation.  
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